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Adult game NSFW!

After the People's Revolution, freedom is extinguished and rebellion is crushed without mercy. The government has decided every detail of the lives of its' citizens- including you.  After a promising career was cut short by making the wrong enemy, you were left with no choice but to return to your home town and take whatever employment you could find.

You would have been a top-flight researcher with everything you ever wanted, and now you are stuck cleaning floors in a government laboratory. That would have been the end of your story too, except for a chance discovery and the possibility of turning things around once and for all.

You can't take chances in this cruel world, but if you're smart you can take over...

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Tags: corruption, moral degeneration, Male protagonist, household, MILF, mind control, body modification/transformation. In the future it will include: bimbofication, drug use, prostitution, public use, among others. 


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TakeOver-0.20-pc.zip 309 MB
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studiodystopia.takeover-20-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 295 MB

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Is there going to be a way to tern off the land lady thing

Love this game! Makes me feel like a clever and sneaky mastermind when in reality I'm just fooling around. The concept of hiding from the government and slowly taking over via mindcontrol is so much fun to play!

So am am really loving this game, I am happy that most of the NTR content is optional and doesn't have any negative effect if I opt to avoid NTR.

I wish that on mobile (Android) I could hide the text diolague So I can see the renders fully.

i would love the option to Un-train certain Creed skills such as "Public Use" I tried it out on a character to see how I felt about it but I don't want to go back to a old save to remove it, I would love to be able to remove public use or at least toggle it on or off.

some more Animations might be nice if possible, I am sure it's already a lot of late nights of hard work already.

I am curious if there other plans to implement more out there kinks such as pregnancy, dungeon, Urine or anything that isn't already implemented, I really loved the whole cream into the coffee idea, would love to see that expanded upon some how, ha lol maybe even milk the Coffee shop ladies for their brest milk reducing "expanses" or something anyway just a suggestion, love the game and hope to see much more soon

someone has mommy issues.

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My freedom stat doesn't increase (it's 30 presently) despite employing all methods to do so (including the bunker ones), it shows that how much it increases but doesn't actually increase from 30.

The game also doesn't progress beyond the phase 1 of university corruption (everytime I go there I see the same dialogue "things are going smoothly....blah blah blah..."), I want to know if this is the end of this version (0.18).

Can you do something ?
Any help will be welcome.
I play on Android phone. 

The game till now has been very immersive and "entertaining".

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Also the (latest) walk-through will be greatly helpful.

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Please respond ASAP.

I think I am somehow stuck on university corruption phase 1.

how can I get past it?


You need to download 0.19 to advance through the university phase.

You can download this from their patreon page here (the link)


This game is Awesome.. Good Pace.. Lots to do and Developments to make the End game even more interesting and different.. And a Lot of Sexy ladies as well.. :D

Hi there I downloaded the android version of the game, but unfortunately I come into a problem at the start where I can enter my name and cannot continue to the next screen after pressing enter and there's nothing indicating to be pressed even just tried tapping the screen in random places.  A fix? 

Just curious, why did you remove the android version?

What does it take to earn Vera's trust? I worry I either broke the game or have reached the end of the content or am just dumb. (I have her at over 1000 trust)

You are not even 1/4 into the content at that point :P there is a guide you can use, it helps until you get to the next bit of the story 



Brilliant. Thank you very much. Looking forward to seeing what I overlooked or missed.

When meeting up with Emma at the park, the background has a display problem and the checkered default is showing. Let me know if I can more helpfully report issues run into.

ty if you can just say what was going on (like a date, or something she says) it will help me to find these bugs faster :D 

Sorry about that. It was the date event just before reaching 75 love stat.

Is there a way to edit characters information? Such as names, relationships etc?

Not sure what you mean, as if changing them in game? I think you could use cheat to change some stuff, but overall I dont think so


Loving the game so far. Enjoyable content, and changes in interactions along the way which makes experimenting fun and helps fill in gaps between progress levels.

One glitch is encountered with the boss female when just passing her 60% corruption cutoff. The visual disappears for a scene and the checkerboard is shown. Was day 21, monday evening, 8 research points, 12 suspicion out of 55, and 95 money and 10 supplies. Celia at 65, Katy at 61, Dimitria at 63 upon giving her the dose.

hey thanks for the report, I'll check if i can find it, since sometimes reproducing stuff is difficult


Absolutely great game - a fair size already and looks to be huge eventually. There's a few bugs and inconsistencies but it is very playable.

Noticed bugs, Android version:

Corrupting Margaret crashes.

Sex with Cynthia - 'Cum Outside' leads to an crash.

Oral with Dimitria - A silhouette is superimposed on the image after giving her the 'Ideal transformation.

In a few places - when meeting Emma at some points - there is no background.

Assigning 'intelligence and 'counter-intelligence' tasks sometimes gives the wrong message (but right assignment) - noticed this on Katy.

Coffee Shop -> Bimbo Staff in the Journal works fine but the journal doesn't update to say that you've done it. Same for the Library -> Printing Press, the Bunker.

Love the game, hoping there will be a new public release before too long (I hate being poor). Biggest question is whether it's better to cooperate with Vera (when you have the option to) or to corrupt her and her friends because Vera forced your hand first. I usually corrupt her because I want an actual relationship with Emma, and want payback for when Vera forced me to cooperate with her earlier...

It's a very good game. I look forward to continuing the storyline

Keep getting errors on Margaret corruption route in the Android version. Is there a solution to fix it?

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You need to look up body weights.... Emma at 110lbs wouldn't be chubby, that's around 8st/50ish kg or so. Or to put that in people sized terms, for someone at 5' 8" they'd be a UK size 8 waist.

How do you use the cheats in the Android version?

Please update the game some more.


Hello! I usually update first on my patreon page, but I will the newest public version here too!