New public version out! DiCK 0.2.2 H2

I just released a new update guys! It includes many sex scenes for two of the main characters (Abbadon and Helena) and new art for the NPCs too! 

The saves are compatible but be careful, if you have people working at your castle they will not have a portrait, but they should keep working just fine. 

  • Art for the enemies! So now there will be only 3 enemies in the forest: Demons, wolfs and humans. They have many colour variants and I'll keep expanding the amount of hairstyles and outfits for the next update.
  • Added sex scenes and dates for Abbadon! 5 scenes with 2 variants: Pure and corrupt!
  • Added sex scenes and dates for Helena! Also 5 sex scenes with 2 variants, for now this is only her submissive content, but I'm already working on getting the dom. content ready as soon as possible!

The goal of getting a build every 2 months is going fine IMO, but even so I'll keep trying to get mid-size updates like this each month for public or 5$ patreons


DiCK 0.2.2 h2.rar 133 MB
Feb 24, 2018

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