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Warning: The game is for ages +18, and has explicit adult content. 

Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms is a transformation game where you need to take care of a small kingdom, taking choices that will shape the city and its citizens. The basic systems of the game are in place: Combat, inventory and items to customize you character and transform it, quests and the overall UI, but soon we will implement slavery and more in depth management, where you will be able to change laws and affect your subjects and yourself.

Although the game is in beta, it's still very early in its development, and a lot of major features are still missing.

At this point in version 0.2 I am not aware of any big game breaking bug, but if you find any minor or big one feel free to report it, I always fix them as soon as I can. Also since this is my first game, most of the time saves are not compatible, I will try to diminish this as much as I can, but I've been having troubles making it so. 

There is also an earlier version of the game, this one is significantly longer but lacks some features, and the story is more linear, that one features pregnancy, female to male transformation, herm, and more overall content and other things that are not yet (but soon will) in this new version. You can check it out here.

Story: You’ve inherited the lordship of a small kingdom, now you’ll face the challenge to earn the trust of your new subjects with your leadership, or submit them into obedience with your iron fist. Take charge of your subjects, create new laws, enslave monsters and imprison your enemies. 

Inside the game you can find these topics: transformation, corruption, moral degeneration, genderbending, drugging, mindcontrol, herm, monsters, bdsm, public use, incest, straight/bi/homosexual (depending of the gender of your character) 

Current features:

  • Over 60k of text within 3 characters: Your maid Helena and two nobles, the stiff Abbadon and the lewd Alba.
  • Implemented corruption for your first follower! Use alchemy or hypnosis to change their mind and soul!
  • Multiple choices for your story and your character!
  • Transformation implemented for your character and some of your followers.
  • Combat, although is still basic, it's a good basis to improve from this point.
  • All the UI, save, load, inventory system, and everything else already in place.

I also have a Patreon, please feel free to support it, all the money goes back into the game, I used allt he money I got from it so far to update the art of the game, and from this point this money will be used to hire an editor to fix the questionable english of the game. 

I am not as active in the comments, but you can join our discord! I am online almost on a daily basis!


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i'm new to this game, does anyone know how to access the incest content


I don't know what flags you have to hit with what characters but I know there is a check box in the options of the game and is by default turned off. So turning that on would be the first step. It is in Menu>tags>incest(check mark it)>then confirm it.


I got that far but i have no idea what characters would even qualify as relations in the game.


Momma's Surplus Tonic does not grow the size of your breasts. It instead decreases the size of your testicles. This prevents me using this item on Abbadon aswell . Screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/a4Oj7ZK

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Found this game yesterday and have been playing it for hours. Fantastic game. I can't wait for the final release! 

The servant section seems very reminiscent of "strive for power" but seems a lot more complicated. As someone previously stated a help section or a tutorial for that section would be helpful. There also doesn't seem to be a way to sell a slave or release a free citizen from your staff.

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I agree that a guide would be nice. As it stands, this game lacks player direction/guidance, but since it is in alpha/beta it's understandable. There are some instances of guidance in the flavor text(of what the NPC would prefer you do when given the choice) and at the end of the text(when it says "this option will change how this character acts from this point on") but otherwise if you do "location" events before "questlog" events you run into odd events where Abbadon/Alba will help you even if you have not met them yet.


I cant seem to open the application, Does anyone else seem to have this problem


is the game any closer to something connecting it to mac like unity?


I will try this month, but no promises 


I remember time ago I attempted to, but the game did not work and since I dont have a mac, i could never test it or figure it out 


Well I'm glad you tried at least, thank you for responding. 

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Great game! But I do have some problems with it.


Abbadon's pronouns dont behave properly outside of their Retainer options. Everything refers to them as "hisher." Also, their corruption level doesnt change from 100, even if the dialogue does. 

I can't change the clothes on any of my retainers, despite Helena and Abbadon both being at full love, and Helena at 0 willpower.

Some suggestions:

Maybe add a "Help" option in each section of the journal, explaining what everything means. There is a servant with a "5" next to their happiness that I have no idea what it means.

Make it so you can disable traps in the tags.

Add a few females from species other than human to the forest. All I can find are traps and males

It might be asking too much, but maybe make changing someone's appearence actually have an effect. If I change my height to 10 feet tall, with a dick half that while fucking a girl that I shrunk to 3 ft tall, it'd be great to see some comments about that. Maybe after someone's size reaches a certain level, you get some alternative text for their scene? That would probably be really complicated to code, so it's understandable if that isn't going to happen.


Does the wolf potion actually do anything? When I used it I got a message about getting fur, but then when I checked my profile it was the same as it was before.


beyond there being some flavour text telling you your dick is massive, or your size is huge, there doesn't seem to be any real reason to make your dick any bigger or smaller than the standard size - it feels completely pointless if there aren't consequences for such changes; like, people comment on how tall you are - or, if you've maxed your height, how giant you are, maybe throw in some 'giant-on-normal sized people' kind of things with hyper-cum inflation, like what you've got for that servant girl if you make her dominant - and people should definitely comment on your massive dick - i mean, this thing is as big as a literal human being and you're telling me no one even brings that up? r e a l l y ? I have a nutsack that dwarfs your head but you just dont give a shit?

also, changing the size of your nuts - is there a point to that beyond flavour text telling you that your nuts are as big as watermelons, or is there a genuine reason i'm just not clued in on? 

oh, and could you please make it easier to be able to change your character into a beastly form? because i spent a solid ten hours grinding for those wolf potions and only found two in that ten hours - yes, i really did spend ten hours grinding to turn my character into a wolf, and you know what happened? i used the potion and...gained abs. yeah, gained abs. didn't even turn into a full creature, despite having 100 corruption. (side note: does turning into a different beast form change what your cock would look like? like, if i turned into a cat person with it have barbs, a wolf person a knot, a horse person a horse dick, etcetera?)

apart from that, i don't really see any issues with the game itself - there are spelling issues, and when i press one thing the button acts like i pressed the opposite choice, but that could easily be fixed i'm sure. 

so yeah, this is a great game and i can see it becoming much better than it is already, given time. 

hats off to you.


The game's been absolutely fantastic so far, hope you'll continue this game until the end. I just wanted to share some bugs about baahla's purity and corruption route after ending scene and fluff scenes being swapped. This is also the case for Faustina's submissive and dominant button and story being swapped pretty sure.

It hard to read some of the words.


Please fix some of the spelling mistake in future update, focus on the paragraph at the early game start with Heshe barely leaves the house.

when do updates come out

Would you guys ever consider porting this game to other platforms such as MacOS and Android?

im confused about the tags.  Are they locked when marked or when unmarked?

Any chance of this coming out with an apk like C.O.C and T.I.T.S just asking as I love everything about this game but I can only play it on my tablet. keep up the good work

Where do you report bugs?

Deleted 121 days ago

When is the next update?


So far it's a really good game and I quiet like it, it reminds me a lot of some of my more favorite Html choice based rpg adventure games
like TiTs (Trials in Tainted Space) CoC (Corruption of Champions) among others that I can't for some reason recall fully. And I really enjoy the idea of being able to Control your own kingdom and do what you desire with the citizens under your rule which really takes things a step further then what most really good written hentai games end up doing. That only really give you the bare minimum or just have you effect important npcs at best. But the one thing I really really would wish to happen is for someone to do a really long  proof read and recheck of all of the choices in the game. Since I am about 460 days in and I have been noticing that a LOT if not every single piece of text has some kind of typo or incorrect information. Not to mention a lot of the choices also happen to be wrongly labeled which has players who don't save inbetween choices end up being stuck with a choice they thought they wanted only to later find out that you picked the wrong one. A big example of this is Lucretius's big choice of corrupting or purifying the city. You hit purify and you get the text result that tells you you chose corruption, you chose the corrupt option and you get the text result for purifying the city. Some don't even work like in The purple Succubus Devil girl (forgot her name) that you can basically name however you want's current end content where you choose what school you want to focus on. I spent a good 5-10 minutes debating what it was I wanted only to end up realizing that none of them mattered as I was only able to choose Destruction Magic to even continue the story all the other options don't do anything.

Again so far really good game but just requires a really good proof read and a look in the code, there was another instance that I don't recall were exactly but all of the times the game was going to mention either your character or the character you were taking to you just got the code that was suppost to help the game see what to call you like "If boy say He"


Is there a wiki to this game?

Not yet


Looking forward to it.

I liek

Wait, why does my game keep crashing? Like the furthest I've gone into the game is the title screen majority of the time it just crashes at the beginning

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Is Bhalla a herm? Her sex scene is confusing and I dont know if it's because of the tags I've chosen or what


she can be, but is not an herm from the get go, maybe one scene has an error in the code, if you know which one it was i can look it up to fix it 


So I have the Futanari tag turned off, first of all, and a regular female character. In the second-to-last paragraph of the "Oral"  scene with Baahla, there's a mention of both her pussy and "her erection", and in the second to last paragraph the "Vaginal" scene she "grabs her erection" and "sprays her load". I didn't give her any potions either.


very well, those are definitely mistakes or bugs, i'll check them out! 

I hope you don't mind, but I found something else. After Abaddon's beast transformation there's the short sex scene that immediately follows, it contains the "your cockhead" phrase and some others, but again my MC is fully female.

is there a way to get the sisterhood armour?

Think you can buy it at the blacksmith, after you are done with those quests
You need to be relatively pure to use it. (under 50 corruption i think)

I feel stupid to ask but how do you "purify" yourself to use the maiden's armor? I've not once been able to figure this one out

There are not many ways to purify yourself, there are some special potions that reduce it,  will add more methods soon though 

Where do you find these potions if you do not mind me asking

sorry for the delayed answer, in the alchemist and fighting enemies 

Just to let you know the futa isn't getting disabled when turned off. Not sure if it is a bug or not fully implemented yet.

at the moment that affects mostly history characters. A bunch of the girls in the game are actually futa to begin with, but with this switch you don't get that content. 

Since you can avoid enemies (either flee or dont surrender or get your way with them) this as less important, although in the future I will make that enemies won't spawn as futa either (probably for october's update)

might this ever be on mac?

I would need to check but I am assuming unity can export to mac

Cool, thank you!

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Unity can export to Mac and it usually works without any extra effort (Mobile and Web builds are more likely to have problems in my experience).

You can also set up https://github.com/Chaser324/unity-build to let you deploy to all platforms on itch.io with 1 click.

so is unity able to support mac? Sorry if it feels like I am bugging you with this.

It'd be nice if there was a back button in the initial character creation scene so I wouldn't have to restart the game if I change my mind

Hey you mean to answer the questions or to go back to the first menu? Due to how some of the stuff works I think thats not as easy, although I may be able to tweak it (I'm gonna polish some stuff these days)

Just doing what the text said I went to the servant menu and click and option and the place holder text popped saying if you see this report it as a bug

do you remember which servant?

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I think it was a slave I  caught called Itzal Chay

oh i thought  you were talking about a main character, slaves are procedural, gonna check that

Ah ok thought so wasn’t sure just know the thing said to say something 

does anyone knows how to capture the enemies?

When you start the game you can't, you need to advance the story and after repairing the castle, you'll be able to 

Thank you for your answer, I love your game....even I am not good at this game. XD

Hey, i know that acronym style which spells a bodypart often used in sexual acts... Hmmm.

ever am i reminded of Trials in Tainted Space. TiTS

I don't really like to be forced to touch and make out with Helena just to continue the story, do you think you could maybe change that? I mean I'm REALLY not interested in romancing her but I keep getting forced to do stuff with her

in which part of the story? I thought for the most part that was avoidable, maybe I should just adjust one of those scenes 

(1 edit)

its the part with "Romance" in the name where she has her chastity belt on and it says that you spend the day teasing her and making out with her in the garden

ty, gonna look into it to see if it can be fixed soon 

(1 edit)

sorry for asking that specific I know I'm the dev but that's something I did over 1 year ago so :P my memory isn't super fresh, must be said I for the most part try to keep those things optional during the main story, unless you accepted or agreed that you liked them in a part of the story 

Nice! An update, looks cool. Any word on when the slave system will be worked on more? It's one of the more promising features in my opinion!

Actually I am going to work on these features for these next updates! 

Any plans for dickgirls in the future? 


For that matter, every single character will have it's futa version. There might be few exceptions but we look towards making everyone a futa, if you ask which one you like I can tell you how close we are to add it 

No need, i'll gladly wait for it :D


I'm just thinking where the next update will come, or the artist give up to make the game?

On patreon he is aktive so i think no worrys

my apologies, yes, itch.io doesn't send me emails when I get comments, so I usually miss them.

I update the game each month, I will update this (itch.io) version soon, but if you don't want to miss anything I suggest you to join to discord or follow the patreon (I am not sure if people can still follow patreons public feed, but there you will find the free versions each month) 

You should probably mention discord in the description and probably link it too.


true, alright!

This is pretty good, though yeah. The early state of the game shows. Not sure if this gets updated anymore since it's a few months since the last dev log though.

According to other comments, it's just the itch.io page that doesn't. Their Discord and Patreon public feed have the monthly updates.

So real talk... Is this inspired by Corruption of Campions? Cuz that would be freaking sweet. currently downloading so i havent played it yet, but im getting such major flash backs to COC that it should prove to be so much fun.

I really enjoyed the brilliant writing system of the game. however...im not one to be aroused by it. i got through my first sexual act with the Amazonian and i have to ask...are there no sex scenes? pictures? anything? is it just text?


You really need to reconsider the save location. I played for a bit but at one point the game became practically unplayed. Loading would take a minimum of 40 seconds to several minutes. The game would hang as if there was a memory leak or something. Please put the save folder within the game's folder  itself. I'm playing another unity game and the save folder is right there with "Managed", "Mono" and "Resources".


The location of the save file shouldn't affect the loading speed.


🤦🤦🤦 No it doesn't. But I may want to delete them to make the game playable again.


Deleting the save file wouldn't make the game load faster.


🤦🤦🤦 Yes it does. Please don't talk as if you know how it works when you clearly don't. Spreading misinformation doesn't help anyone.

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I am a game dev and experienced programmer.  Deleting your save file will not fix a memory leak.  At best it would delay its reappearance (assuming it's actually an issue with the game itself).


I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem if you find out a fix please let me know. It's a good game but is almost unplayable when it take 5 mins to do anything.


The only fix is to delete your save file. I think maybe you can prevent this from happening by not saving as frequently, but I've not tested it yet. Though that's still a temporary fix and it will come back.

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you are 100% right Main, there was a bug that accumulated and duplicated lists, so the more times you loaded/saved in a single session, the worse. 

It's been fixed and the fix even can reduce the size of your old saves, so you dont have to start again  (just overwrite your old save)

(1 edit)

Thank you very much for the fix ! It's very much needed. And glad I could help !


Yeah it really sucked, specially because it was hard to reproduce. Me and the people who worked on it never had this trouble because we didnt play long sessions, but instead specific ones where we just test whats new. It took months even after the first complains that I really had any clue about what the problem could be (doing different other types of tests before I actually found the bug), but yeah, now at least is playable! 

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Kinda late answer... there was a bug with the saves, a quite critical one. It's been fixed, and if you load your old saves they can be fixed too (just overwrite them) 

(1 edit)

Better late than never ! Thank you for the fix !

Is transformation really an integral part of experiencing the game or can I just play without it? Either is fine, I'm just not into beastal/furry things.

ok so I've spent alot of time playing this game but i still cant figure if there is a way to upgrade the slaves you catch

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