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Warning: The game is for ages +18, and has explicit adult content. 

Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms is a transformation game where you need to take care of a small kingdom, taking choices that will shape the city and its citizens. The basic systems of the game are in place: Combat, inventory and items to customize you character and transform it, quests and the overall UI, but soon we will implement slavery and more in depth management, where you will be able to change laws and affect your subjects and yourself.

Although the game is in beta, it's still very early in its development, and a lot of major features are still missing.

At this point in version 0.2 I am not aware of any big game breaking bug, but if you find any minor or big one feel free to report it, I always fix them as soon as I can. Also since this is my first game, most of the time saves are not compatible, I will try to diminish this as much as I can, but I've been having troubles making it so. 

There is also an earlier version of the game, this one is significantly longer but lacks some features, and the story is more linear, that one features pregnancy, female to male transformation, herm, and more overall content and other things that are not yet (but soon will) in this new version. You can check it out here.

Story: You’ve inherited the lordship of a small kingdom, now you’ll face the challenge to earn the trust of your new subjects with your leadership, or submit them into obedience with your iron fist. Take charge of your subjects, create new laws, enslave monsters and imprison your enemies. 

Inside the game you can find these topics: transformation, corruption, moral degeneration, genderbending, drugging, mindcontrol, herm, monsters, bdsm, public use, incest, straight/bi/homosexual (depending of the gender of your character) 

Current features:

  • Over 60k of text within 3 characters: Your maid Helena and two nobles, the stiff Abbadon and the lewd Alba.
  • Implemented corruption for your first follower! Use alchemy or hypnosis to change their mind and soul!
  • Multiple choices for your story and your character!
  • Transformation implemented for your character and some of your followers.
  • Combat, although is still basic, it's a good basis to improve from this point.
  • All the UI, save, load, inventory system, and everything else already in place.

I also have a Patreon, please feel free to support it, all the money goes back into the game, I used allt he money I got from it so far to update the art of the game, and from this point this money will be used to hire an editor to fix the questionable english of the game. 

I am not as active in the comments, but you can join our discord! I am online almost on a daily basis!


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Hello @MaratDuoDev

Thank you for the great work you've done with the game. 

It is a very very promising content driven game. The writting is extensive, nicely implemented and the artwork goes in par with the created universe.

I understand that the game is still under developpement and needs some polishing. To supplement the work of the team behind the game, have you put in place tools that give to the community the possibility to contribute? I'm thinking something similar to a github repo where you can structure bug reports, and receive pull request for text content redactions. 

I highly appreciate those that support the project by donating through patreon, but some of us can also support it by giving out some of our free time.


Hello! So far I have not done so, but it is one of my goals to implement something like that soon. 

I lack the knowledge to implement this, though, since I am quite amateur at coding, but later I want to get someone to help me to do this and have it working. 

Bug reports I take them manually,  and try to go over as many as I can monthly! 

(2 edits)

First of all, I would like to say thank you for creating this game. So, thank you. Now, however, I shall criticize it. 

There are several points throughout the game where I was confused due a lack of clarity in the text. There was a point to where I had a choice to make regarding Celia. I had two options, as is often the case, and though I cannot remember the first option, I remember the second being "Challenge". The problem was that I had little understanding as to what each choice meant.

Another point is when choosing between Cornelia and Servila. In this instance, sometimes Cornelia was representative of love and Servila order, while other times it was the other way around. 

I also don't understand how alchemy works. Perhaps I missed a tutorial? Either way, any enlightenment and/or insights you would care to share would be most welcome.

I don't know what it is that you do that makes this game work, it might as well be a foreign language. As such, I do not have a proposed solution any of these problems. What I do know is that while reading the game text, I was often confused and lacked understanding in the choices I was making.

Now, I think that's all the criticisms I had to post. However, I have a few requests to make.

Firstly: would it be possible to create hybrid beasts that the player has captured?

Secondly: demonic muscle-girls when?

I hope that you have found this somewhat lengthy post respectable and, well, readable. Again, thank you for making this game and may you have a prosperous day.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into the Celia texts to add more and clarify 

About Servilia and Cornelia, also I will look where there was a mix up but Servilia is the one of love and Cornelia discipline and order. This is kinda easy to remember since Servilia derives from servant, and well, she loves to serve :P 

About alchemy in game, if you mean by what there is in the laboratory, it is still WIP. I am actually focusing on these features right now, polishing first the workers/slaves system for next update, but once that's done, we'll go through the laboratory and things related to alchemy and magic. 

If you can pin point more exactly what texts are confusing we can edit them / rewrite parts of it, as you did with Celia, otherwise there is too much to know exactly where to look at, although I agree old texts really need to be edited, and I might look into it once the game is a little bit more polished

About mixing: I thought and coded it so you could mix things, sadly the art required for this is too expensive and it surpasses the budget we have. I am going soon to rewrite the description of characters though, so maybe if its only text based I can do something. 

About the demonic muscle girls: Well, same problem than above. As of late we are struggling monetarily, it will take us a couple of months to recover and then we'll start to commission art again. 

The post was good, thank you for your feedback and if you have further things to add, feel free to add them! 

(3 edits)

Well, there is a few more things I wanted to ask about. Just what is corruption and it's effects? Does it effect just the mind or the body as well? Why is it dangerous in-universe to speak about corruption? 

Also, speaking of corruption, I have just the most difficult time getting my player character corruption level higher than 3. I have been making corrupt decisions as often as I can, and still it sits at 3. Have I missed something or what?

Thank you for answering and may you have a even more prosperous day than yesterday.

We've been working on the lore of the corruption, it's something that will be more detailed in the next chapter. It does mostly affects the mind. And more than dangerous, it is a tool that's been used to create chaos and destabilise regions; is not bad in itself, but it disrupts nations 

It's weird that the character is not raising corruption. It shouldn't be difficult for that matter, maybe something is bugged, I need to check it out. If anything, I should also just make that some decisions make you more corrupt through the story 

No problems and thanks for the feedback, cheers

Deleted 5 days ago

the game just updatd?

Each month there is a new update 


hay love the game ... few  questions... when rewarding servants i cant seem to do any only the 1st choice ... also will you be updating the game here? or on patron? also have you thought of selling the game on steam? i would be it there for sure 


Is not updated in patreon, but I am working on overhauling and improving all of these systems next! It will take some time though, but not like an extreme amount 

Also I dont think my game has enough quality to be put in steam... maybe after a few improvements in all of these systems I may think about it ! 

corruption of champions 2 is on steam and its a text base game also ... your game  is banging man don't underestimate your skill my dude .

Thanks!  I actually just did a huge optimization for the game, reducing lag and size significantly, and I am working on the management part of it. 
Once all the basic features of the game are polished I might, thanks for your encouragement! 

Hey, excuse me, but what does each of the starting items do?

They have different stats when equipped, that's it pretty much

I would say the books are less useful than the weapons or armor 


is there breast expansion?

Yep, there is! 

how I get to doing it and other transformations, namely the furry ones

There are a few characters that can be transformed, it is not available to every character yet. Just play the game and once you unlock them you'll see them in their choices


I meant for the player

Yes, there is! 


I'm unsure whether 1) I'm doing something wrong, 2) I'm not far enough into the game, or 3) it's not developed yet, but... I keep wanting to increase the castle food quality and don't have the slightest clue how to accomplish that. I've done tons of quests, including the main upgrade quest, I've tried looking at the Castle menus... Not seeing anything that allows me to do literally the first thing I'd think to do, which is give people food.

You need to assign a cook IIRC, I don't remember what was the relevant skill lol but I am about overhaul this and make more efficient! 

I... have no idea how to assign anyone to anything.


I can't wait for future updates I think I'm in love with this game!~

(1 edit)

I guess it's a bug:

In my menu (Character>Skills) I have 97 martial skill, but on bottom-right it displays 65-75 I'm loosing an amazon fight in the forest, thou according to character skill menu I shouldn't.

Also when I DID defeat amazon (after I made new muscule-brain character) in the next encounter she acts as if I was defeated by her.

Mmmh I will look into it. Some equipment gives bonuses, so I wonder if this is the problem (that the display and the event is not taking these into account)

I think this itch page is abandoned, you can get the 4.0 for free on patreon, and the update go as far as 3 weeks ago with 4.1.


How can you access it for free?


It's clearly not abandoned since the dev responded to someones comment three days ago (as of March 26). It's entirely possible that this Itch page intentionally offers an older version so that Patrons have access to a newer version than the free-to-players, so as to offer more incentive to pay.

A lot of game devs do this, sorta like how the free version of Ravenfield is a much older version than the paid Steam version.

it is not abandoned but I am quite busy and sometimes these msg are lost in the email and take time to answer them.

I am quite active in discord tho!

I usually try to update the itch.io with the latest public release, but indeed, the newest is for patrons! 


Is this dead?

updates are coming out every 3 months by the looks of it so i assume next update will be somewhere in spring, maybe the patreon is more active

been playing for a bit now, but i still can't figure out if there's a pregnancy system, or something like that. could you let me know if there is?

Corrupting Abbadon with Drink isn't working properly.


The art looks good. but the UI really needs an overhaul. A way to see your combat skill description to see what those skills do after you chose your class. Also the fact that all the shop keeper have so much text and scenariose that you have to go through before you can even shop there. I wanted to check out the forest on my first day and wanted to see if there are any healing items in the shops. I had to go through so much that at one point I just gave up and had to skip all the scenes just so I could finnally shop. The combat is still a bit clunky, especially since you can't check what the skills really do in or even outside of combat. I never had money problems and the sell slave option was thus kinda useless. The servant section seemed nice but it seems like the rules for them or even their stats and living conditions didn't matter yet. So overall it was an rather unenjoyable experience for me personally. I was happy to see some hypnosis content with the inn keeper. But even that was rather short and very basic. Some more choices would be nice.


I suggest having android version, sir...

Good day


Get a pc and stop giving hard working people more than they need, sir...

Good day


You're not wrong, but some people don't want these things on their PC, or have to share the computer. Don't assume it's because they're lazy.


If you give him the money, I'm sure he'll get one. If you don't want to do that then mind your own fucking business, butthurt bitch. 

Is it possible to use alchemy on other people other then yourself?

(1 edit) (+2)

UI seems buggy in that menus are disappearing while in use (the pullout menus to the left) and text is acting as if i've clicked continue when i havent (eg helping homeless guy in town square). Also, is the day counter supposed to be advancing so fast? eg i click on inn the first time and it advances the game by 5 days


I will try to look into it, the menus shouldnt be giving too much trouble but I think maybe a few could be failing. I need to check that bug with the homeless guy, uhmm altho you are sure you are not clicking keys in the keyboard by mistake, since that also activates the menus? 

Also yep, the quests advance days at times, this is on purpose because otherwise you would be able to fix the whole kingdom in just a few weeks, so days don't progress per action, ty for your comment! 


neither hand was touching the keyboard at the times it has happened; thanks for the reply


Thanks, I will do testing and see if i can identify the problem

Hey so I got the placeholder glitch text for Abbadon. What should I do?

can you share a screenshot? or tell me more details about it? was it in a quest, a sex scene? so i can fix it, tyvm tho! 

Deleted 126 days ago
Deleted 126 days ago

Can someone please tell me what do the numbers next to servants mean?

(1 edit)

When will you add a character image, is hard to tell what my character looks like without seeing them?  Also there needs to be sound of some sort, even just clicking noise for the menus and some random royalty free background music would go a long way.

Also, how do I get the sisterhood's armour?

(1 edit) (+3)

I am running the game using Wine on Linux, but there is text displayed. Maybe i am missing some fonts or they are loaded incorrectly. Any ideas?

Mhh it seems to be more than just fonts

(2 edits) (+5)

I'm a bit curious since i noticed that the game opens and maintains an internet connection, may i ask why? Maybe im just seeing monsters in the closet but it's kinda surprising that a text based game does such a thing.

Not making any accusations here,  just posting and hoping my curiosity be sated

Edit: Rectifying my comment, for anyone wondering about the connection just like me it could be that the Unity Games tend to do it, so far i got aware it's something the engine implement in the game for the purposes of (May not be the best therms, but) analytics/statistics about the game.

If you are unsure on download or playing because of what i said, you can just simply block the internet connection in of the game's .exe on your firewall (If you don't know how to do that just search on google for something like "Blocking application with *yourfirewallhere* firewall").

Besides that weird connection the game seems to work just fine and its fun :D

I was having a good old time being probably too wholesome when suddenly my game crashed. I'm taking some time before I start the game again, but I'd like if the game opened a save menu for you immediately after the intro ends.

How does one increase city corruption? Mine is stuck at 23%


Hello. Well, I have downloaded the game, but in my files, I can´t find the executable file. I don't know how to play it. 

What did u updated?


Is there a way to date Julian and  still get Livia as a retainer ?


How do I become a wolf? I have no idea how to.

I already have the fur legs, arm, and wolf claws, and I think I need it to do a quest properly, but I don't even know how to become a wolf.

Just keep drinking the potions.


Can you play as a female protagonist ? 



Just downloaded the game and i saw the file name went "huh?" checked the name here. this is my new favorite game for that name alone now. i wont say what it is for new people to figure out. you guys are great at naming


I'm really digging this game so far, but it is rife with spelling and grammar errors. You should probably hire a copyeditor. Hell, I would do it for free. Good game, but man do the mistakes stand out.


I agree, I want to go back and fix or edit some of the older scenes, altho the problem is that there are too many, if you tell me which ones are the worst offenders (share screenshots? or specificaly which one so I can find it) I can start working with those 


Just a heads up for everyone here to check their Patreon for the public version of 3.5.

The game is very good so far. 
I'v been so imersed that I didn't sleep at nigh haha.
One of the thinks that's bohering me is the servants system. There should be an option to fire/kick out a servant/slave. I don't know if there is, but I don't know how to do it.
Also, the whole happines think is not easy to read. I may just be an idiot, but I don't know how to raise hapinnes of some of them.
But even with this, the game is awasome. Keep up with the good work.

Also sorry for my english.

when I was going over my captured people it would let me interact with them for the first option of punishment, rewards,  etc, weirdly enough it let me choose all of the sexual options.

There seems to be a bug with what slot item names\quanities are placed into. The tool text for Club shows up when I mouseover the 'active' Empty slot, and clicking said 'active' Empty slot does withdraw the Club.
The bug passes down from W to T; though for T the name\quanity might not appear at all, I hadn't paid attention to the thirs row when my warehouse was full, and I sold most of the items I wasn't using.
I also only have one potion, so I don't know if this affects the consumable storage at all.

Is the futanari\shemale\newhalf succubus (Succubi is plural) supposed to be the 'nerdy' girl…?
I mean, the first girl is stated to 'look sluttier' than Virgil, but I don't see what makes either girl nerdy…
I mean, of Virgil is supposed to look nerdy, then I need more evidance than an generic book in their artwork. Unless the monicle they're wearing is actually a pair of glasses and isn't made clear enough.
Honestly, Virgil's art looks far more posh and formal than nerdy in this version; but then again, I'm unfamilar with what nerds looked like back in the victorian or medival eras.

the UI looks a bit too shabby, maybe inprove that one day?

(1 edit) (+2)

can make linux version?

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