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is there any walkthrough?, is hard for me to understand how to play
(sorry if my english is not too good, it ir not my first language

Just check the quest journal, you advance the main story through that 

I went to the dowloads and I get it now

Is there a way to switch from magic back to basic combat?


Not yet, but we are thinking about reworking combat and also changing a few other features of the game. But with this suggestion we'll look into adding a way to change this 


Thank you, I just noticed when going back into the forest that I only had access to the spells of the school of magic I chose. The game is wonderful so far and I look forward to seeing what is added next. Keep up the great work.


Really wish this was also on Android.

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How do i run the game? it just sends me to a folder in my pc.

EDIT: I got my answers from the nice people on your discord, great community

yeah that was me lol but I'm glad it worked!


seriously happy to see you have updated this,  I kept running into bugs in the previous build, but it was so fun I kept playing it anyways, look forward to seeing whats new / changed


If you can tell me which ones I can try to fix them!

fonts have not worked for the last 2 versions. The boxes you have do not show any text.

mmh do you have arial? It must be that, IIRC 

Is this gonna get continued? it has lots of potential, yes I saw that you began working on a new game but why stop developping this one or any other one?

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We have never stopped! I just don't update the that often lol 

You can always check the latest build in our patreon (check public posts!) or you can check/ask in discord! 

(also I might update to the latest public build later today)


Can't wait for more! Also I'm assuming getting NPCs pregnant will be something in the future?


will there be a android version?


Is there a download guide, cause i downloaded the windows version and in the extracted files there appears to be no application. All the other files are there i'm just not sure how to open the game.


will there be a mac version? Eventually


I stumbled across this game while randomly looking around. I downloaded it alongside 4 other similar games and just went down the list to see what was interesting. I was not expecting much to come of it, (3 of the other 4 games were uninstalled within 5 minutes of playtime) but I was pleasantly surprised. this is one of the few games that I fully intend to support on patreon once I get my finances stable. it has a few bugs and kinks, but even some big budget games have bugs, keep up the good work! I look forward to whatever else you may bring.


is there a place to report bugs?


also i keep being called mister, and king, and him despite selecting every female option


ok, theres some big problems with this remembering what actions you took. i i defeated the amazon lady and dominated her, but on next meeting i supposedly was dominated *by* her and am now declared to be submissive and intimidated by her


when is the next update

Will there a mac version? Tried downloading using wine, but when I run it all the text is missing.

ok this is actually an amazing idea and game. I will watch your developement with great interest.


How to interact with slaves and other characters without going to locations?




Frist or later you can make a android version?


Hi, there will be an Android versión?

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Is data transferable? I checked your patreon page and saw that there was a new version.  Do I just download the new version and bring the data file from the old version over?



If at all possible, you shouldn't waste money on hiring editors. As long as you plan on keeping DiCK accessible for free, I'm sure there (probably) are fans in the community who're willing to volunteer their time and editing skills for your project.


That is true, if I had free time I would be one of the first to volunteer, with my 12+ years of editor/proofreader experience in the professional field despite English being my fourth language, if you really do desire to spend money, get Grammarly's premium package and run all the text in the game through it. But otherwise, there are probably a good hundred or more experts in the fanbase who could offer their time and help for free.

Been following this game for a while, and really looking foreword to how the game will progress  in the future.  I am really curious if there will be more transformative options for the retainers in future builds 


I am kinda surprised y'all haven't put up a dev log with the patreon link so the folks that find this here can go there to get the latest version. Might wanna give it some thought should ya have the time.


I been popping in and out playing this game on and off for honestly i don't know how long maybe since you started working on it and having public versions out I'm honestly not sure since I do recall having really really early versions of this game on my old Laptop and this game has been in very slow development for the past few years. I do very much enjoy this game as this game has been along side some of the greats like CoC and TiTs as well as other games that I am forgetting the names of currently since I am super fucken tired as of writing this.

Anyways I love the concepts that this has and offers along with just being able to more or less have inpact on the city and characters you talk you and are in, it's always great to have the ability to do something and make a choice and actually see the pros and cons to that and having to constantly deal and see it rather then just it being a one and done thing and then being forgotten.

I will honestly say though that the one thing that i have always found to be well, troubling and hard for me to really stay focused on is the writing, especially with the earlier pieces that have been there since the beginning. More later content is a lot more fleshed out and cleaner with a lot less typos. (There are quiet a bit of typos in early Content) A lot of the writing seems written by someone who English is not their first language if you can get my meaning? A good example of this is during Sartornea's Questline after running into the Alchemist and you learn of something. One of the lines reads 

"You tell your guards to let go of the man and just leave, defeated. You can't face them after making them waste all this time in a sensless mission. The guards feel just as bad as you did and get out of the town, leaving the three of you alone."

I ain't a english major I ain't a writer and I honestly hate English in general, however just it's really hard to get focused into the story the lore and the game itself and be invested into the matieral when most of the early and mid content is written like this. With sentences and lines that make you feel like you are reading the google translation to a JP game. This game has been ongoing for a few years so perhaps once you are able to if possible at all I would think it would best if you sat back and went back to a lot of your older content and re write and edit it so that the writing just seems more fleshed out as it should be considering that content is older then the virus that's plaguing our world is. We are almost on year 2 of that and this Game is almost reaching it's 4th year if not already passed it.
Love your work and I really do look forward to seeing how this all looks once you finally break Alpha and hit that big 1.0.0 Mark.
Just need a reread and edit of the content that's been there at some point is all


Hello! I think some features have not been developed properly, but we are quite consistent with our updates (we've been focusing on having enough content for each character. That's it, adding the ability to corrupt them and sexy scenes). We are proud to say that we are almost done with that, and we're in working on other aspects of the game (not in this current releases), mostly polishing what we already have and removing current placeholders (like the texts you have when you visit a store, or a character)

November release will be a big one for us, because it's not just a big content update, but also because we want to show a little of what we mean by making the city more reactive to what you do. 

I also agree that the early content is... well, it can be done better, and I want to go back and edit some of these early texts, but I've been lacking time as of late. After november, though, I think I'll be able to focus on all of these aspects of the game, because I agree with the points you are making 

Hey, where can i find the recent dev logs?

And is there any incest in the game?

Oh, and also, are there more slime girl stuff besides corrupting the nanny on the beggining?

All the recent dev logs can be found on patreon or in discord 

The game sticks to patreon rules, since its our main source of sustain

No more slime girls in the game yet

excuse me, but how do i play? or do i have to download the .exe file somewhere else?

You just take the entire thing out of the zip file and click the exe, maybe you have an error? 

when will an update come out?

The game is updated every month, and there is always a new free version. These are always found on patreon, I take more time to update on itch and other platforms due to time constrains 

Since this page hasn't been updated since May of this year, where can I get the free versions from june, july, and august of this year (2021)?

It's a lovely game, I positively like the style. The characters are slightly biased, but it's mostly alright. Writing is generally fine too, but might be a bit 'nicer', to suit the overall nice feeling about the game. The same goes to the concept of the game: it's fine, but a bit rough. All in all, it looks good and surely has a potential to become great.

The gameplay though.. let's be honest, it is a catastrophe. One big problem. And surely needs a total overhaul. Hope you understand it yourself, and have plans about doing it at some point.

Either way, good luck! DiCK got in my list of 'promising games' and isn't going to leave it any soon.

A little bit late, but what would you change about the gameplay? Just looking for more specific feedback and suggestions

It's a big question, which means a big answer, surely not for a public place like this.

We have a public discord, where I am more active, but I understand that it is a lot, still appreciate the feedback

I like the story I have read so far, but...

As someone new to this kind of game, I have to admit I'm pretty lost and dunno what I am doing.

So something for the final product (not for now, wouldn't be a good ressource allocations), would be a simple tutorial that basically shime you in, notably for the journal part.

I've been working on adding some information in the game; In the journal, at the bottom left there is a button that leads you to some information, but this is still WIP

Do you have any doubts or suggestions that could be put there? Specific ones? 

Abbadon's gender?

Masculine when the game starts 

are you still working on this or...?

Yes, every month there is a new release, but not always posted in! 


ah, i got a version from late 2020 so i should be in for quite the surprise

How do you keep the castle clean.

It's been something I've been rebalancing, but you need to assign a bunch of people to do "domestic work" 


Thanks for the assistance.

I can't find where to assign people and management doesn't seem to work.

Can you elaborate? I will check it up 


Bruh, you really need to fix the game's confusion about which genitals the PC has, a lot of sex scenes still screw up at least once and it really takes you out of the game. Like in Helena's Gala scene it veers wildly from my PC having a pussy to getting a blowjob to having a pussy again.

Thanks for this report; indeed there are a few mistakes but if people don't point them out specifically (like you just did) it's really hard to catch them and find them


I can provide you with an entire detailed list, but it's gonna be pretty long. Should I make a wall-of-text comment here or do you want me to report somewhere else?

You can do it here, its not a problem, you can do it in discord too 

is this still being updated it my fave and far better then coc2 in some ways

Yes, this gets updated every month :D 

hey, quick question, what is coc2, kinda wanna play it but dont know the name of the game

Corruption of Champions II

Looks pretty promising so far! Looking forward to checking it out, but I've run into some errors I wanted to make sure you guys knew about.

The most confusing was how time seems to operate right now. Most story events I find seem to increment the day forward. I think I went to the inn first thing on a new file for example, and suddenly I was on Day 7. The time of day still works logically* and it's still morning until I leave, then noon.

*I also noticed that if I don't "leave" an event and instead pick a new location when I have the option to leave, the time of day doesn't advance, but the events still seem to have taken place... and the days still move forward as mentioned above.

I'm also seeing a lot of errors pop up in the battle dialogue, both times I won it had an error at the end of the summary of my spoils, and I think it popped an error describing their genitals or similar at one point as well.

I did try redownloading the game, as well as starting a new file, but these errors persisted. I'm not sure if the Day really matters for anything? It throws me for a loop each time I notice, at least.

Anyway, very interested to see where this is all going, hope I've been some help!

Hello! The days advance like that per quest because if not, you could pretty much rebuild the whole city in like 2 weeks, which seemed unrealistic, to not say many texts say things like   "A week later" or "Few days later", so it was decided that each quest advances from one to a few days. It doesn't affects the gameplay much (or if anything, it does it positively for some reasons)  

I'll check the  locations things, although I would say is more favourable to the player to advance time since that's what keeps changing their city and reset their stats (like recover HP)

I will check the combat errors, but since there are many enemies, classes, etc. sometimes is hard to find exactly which one is the one causing troubles, i you have more specific examples it would be easier but if you don't have them its fine! 

Thanks for the feedback and I hope this helped to clarify things a little!  

you used the same dialouge 2 times "the sign to leave however" etc etc..i saw it in another dialouge like 2 boxes ago or something 

i think you mean "Child" and not "Childe"

You're not wrong, you are, however, nitpicking.

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